Sunday, April 14, 2013

Everyone is picky in their own way!

Last year I started making cupcakes as  a small hobby business. I started it because I really enjoy making and creating edible forms of art. I have always been a little on the creative side and found that making custom cupcakes and cakes was a satisfactory outlet for my creative abilities. But just making cakes for my family only allowed me to get creative 4 times a year on each of their birthdays, so I decided to create a facebook page and advertise it locally. People responded immediately and started placing orders......

so now I do a few cake or cupcake orders each month. Almost a year later, I have come to a comforting realization that everyone is picky in their own way, <relieved>, it's not just my family! Some people have chosen to eat gluten free, and some actually cannot eat gluten. Others do not wan't baking powder in their cupcakes, or dairy. If people aren't being picky about what's going into their cupcakes then their picky about what's on top of their cupcakes and the special design they are requesting. All of this pickiness is quite reassuring to me and it also allows me to get my creative juices flowing even more when finding the pleasing solutions. 

This was my very first cake order. The customer was not very picky and just requested a Phineas and Ferb cake and left the rest to me.

This was my second cake order. The customer requested a gluten free, dairy free chocolate cake. My first thought was gluten free AND dairy free, how is that possible?! Isn't gluten and dairy 2 of the basic components of a cake?! After some creative problem solving and some extensive research on cakes it became possible. 


Anonymous said...

Great job on your first blog !!!

Jenny D

Corrina Yome said...

Thanks Jenny D ;)

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