Sunday, April 14, 2013

Something different for breakfast

Breakfast foods can seem repetitive at times. Cereal, toast, oatmeal. Cereal, toast, oatmeal.....I usually enjoy a yummy breakfast smoothie. I'll post that for you to check out. It's quite delicious and filling. But this morning I was feeling like a little something different. The kids wanted toast with the new Philadelphia chocolate cream cheese. I felt like having some of the cream cheese but not all the carbs from the toast. So this is what I came up with;

Apple slices dipped in the chocolate cream cheese and then dipped into some granola.

I added up the calories for all of you calorie counters. Its 50 calories per TABLEspoon of chocolate cream cheese, 116 calories for 1 apple and 115 calories for 1/3 cup of granola, but I didn't eat all of the granola. That's a 281 calorie breakfast that kept me feeling full until lunch and curved any chocolate craving that I might have had. Also, it was delicious and peeked the kids interest. They also thought it looked delicious and were trying to steal my breakfast from me. 
I thought of some variations that you could do instead of granola you could try; rice crispies, chex, or graham cracker crumbs or pieces. It would also make an awesome low cal snack if you halved the apple. 


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