Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cupcakes for twin girls

I had someone ask me to make cupcakes for their twin girls that are turning 3.  One of the little girls likes lady bugs and the other likes butterflies. 

The mom had pinned some pictures of lady bug cupcakes to Pinterest that she told me to check out. I found ones that I thought were super cute and also thought that I could adapt for the butterflies as well.

Here's what I came up with;

Thursday, April 18, 2013

BBQ Chicken Pizza

One night we ordered BBQ chicken pizza from Boston Pizza and I absolutely LOVED it and so did my hubby and kids. I thought it looked easy enough to try to duplicate, so I gave it a try. Now its an absolute favourite in our household.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ode to Garlic!

One thing we all agree on in this household is GARLIC! 
Tonight we had Garlicy Grilled Chicken and Garlic Potatoes paired with some steam brussel sprouts and peas
The only complaint I had was, "why isn't there any dessert?"

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Palate Pleaser!

I made this recipe a while ago and found that everyone in my family really enjoyed it! It was an all around palate pleaser!
The only down side of this recipe is time. Making the sauce takes over an hour and then you still have to put it all together and cook it for another 35 minutes.  On the other hand, I've found that the sauce makes enough for 2 recipes. So, I'll make the sauce recipe when I have time, split it into 2 batches and freeze one batch for another day.

The recipe is from the Looneyspoons recipe book by Greta and Janet Podleski. I love this book! They have some pretty tasty recipes in this book! Here is a link to the recipe yes we cannelloni and here is the nutritional information for all of you calorie counters calories in yes we cannelloni

The lunch time compromise

If you've read my first post losing my blogging virginity you'll know that I have a food sensitivity to certain meats and various other items. Sometimes its hard to find that compromise that everyone will eat. I recently saw a pin on pinterest that said to put hotdogs into jiffy muffin mix to make corn dogs. We don't have jiffy muffin mix here in Canada, that I know of, and also I can't eat regular hotdogs. So this is what I came up with;

Something different for breakfast

Breakfast foods can seem repetitive at times. Cereal, toast, oatmeal. Cereal, toast, oatmeal.....I usually enjoy a yummy breakfast smoothie. I'll post that for you to check out. It's quite delicious and filling. But this morning I was feeling like a little something different. The kids wanted toast with the new Philadelphia chocolate cream cheese. I felt like having some of the cream cheese but not all the carbs from the toast. So this is what I came up with;

Everyone is picky in their own way!

Last year I started making cupcakes as  a small hobby business. I started it because I really enjoy making and creating edible forms of art. I have always been a little on the creative side and found that making custom cupcakes and cakes was a satisfactory outlet for my creative abilities. But just making cakes for my family only allowed me to get creative 4 times a year on each of their birthdays, so I decided to create a facebook page and advertise it locally. People responded immediately and started placing orders......

Losing my blogging virginity!

Since this is my very first blog ever, it is a significant blog in my life. It means I'm losing my blogging virginity and therefore I need to make it a good one! Much like losing your real virginity, there are some things that you need to be made aware of before you just dive right in. That's why I went to my good friend to get the basic facts and how to's about blogging. She is much more experienced in this area than I am (let's just say that her blog sees a lot of action!)  Seriously though, she is an amazing blogger! Check out her blog at the drunk runner .

Before I could get right into blogging, I had to think of a concept. The big idea! What should my blog be about?!......