Sunday, April 14, 2013

Losing my blogging virginity!

Since this is my very first blog ever, it is a significant blog in my life. It means I'm losing my blogging virginity and therefore I need to make it a good one! Much like losing your real virginity, there are some things that you need to be made aware of before you just dive right in. That's why I went to my good friend to get the basic facts and how to's about blogging. She is much more experienced in this area than I am (let's just say that her blog sees a lot of action!)  Seriously though, she is an amazing blogger! Check out her blog at the drunk runner .

Before I could get right into blogging, I had to think of a concept. The big idea! What should my blog be about?!......

I thought of a few ideas, such as cupcakes. I love making cupcakes. I make cupcakes on the side as a small hobby business, but I don't want to be known only for cupcakes. I'm much more than that.  I also thought about blogging about my family, but who wants to hear about my family all the time other than my parents! And what about my goal to get fit and not get fat! As a 30 something mom of three busy kids and a wife of a "not so worried about staying fit" husband I struggle off and on with this concept. My personality type is that of a busy-body. I have a hard time focusing on just one thing at a time, so the idea of blogging about only one concept baffled me. I came to the realization that amongst all of the things that I do, one concept remains the same. Pleasing people. Yep! I'm a people pleaser! It's hard not to be a people pleaser when you're a mom and a wife! Am I right?! You want the best for your kids, and you want to stay married, so really you're left with no other choice than to make sure that the people you love are happy. What I've found over the years is that pleasing everyone, IS NOT EASY!! in fact it might even be IMPOSSIBLE, so if at least one person is happy then I'm happy. One area that I find hard to please everyone in my family is food! I have one word for you, "PICKY" oh yeah, picky eaters live at my house and it all starts with my husband. His list of non-edibles is a mile long, but the biggest challenge is that he won't eat vegetables. I guess I should say, he won't eat most vegetables. Since we've been married he's expanded his vegetable eating repertoire to a few edible vegetables. I am not necessarily "picky", but I do have food sensitivities. I learned early in my childhood that my body doesn't digest red meats. I get very sick if I eat red meat, and over the years have developed other various things that my body will not allow me to properly digest. So, there you go, just between my husband and myself we already have one that doesn't eat vegetables and one that doesn't eat red meat. Also, in my household we have a 17 year old girl, a 7 year old girl and a 3 year old boy all with completely different palates. What one doesn't like the other loves, making meal times a total challenge. In honour of Barney from How I Met your Mother,  I say "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!"


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